About Simon King

Simon King was born on the 27th of December 1962 in Nairobi, Kenya. His father John King was at that time working for FBO (Forces Broadcasting Overseas) but he later went on to become a respected producer/director for BBC television.

Perhaps Simon’s love of wildlife began in Africa; it certainly influenced his first career choice which was to become an elephant when he grew up!

Simon’s first TV appearance was as an actor in one of John’s wildlife dramas called The Fox. Simon has vivid memories of the discomfort of being dressed in knickerbockers and the delight of holding a fox. At the age of only 13 he teamed up with naturalist Mike Kendal to create a series of programmes entitled Man and Boy, his first foray into explaining the mysteries of nature to the general public. He went on to create, film, direct and present many award winning TV programmes and films some of the best known being Springwatch, Big Cat Diary, Planet Earth, Blue Planet and the Life series plus more recently African Cats for Disney.

Simon is closely involved with a variety of wildlife charities including being President Emeritus of the Wildlife Trusts. He is also an accomplished public speaker, author, artist and musician as well as being a jolly good cook.

Simon is also a dedicated family man; he has three “grown up” children from his first marriage and daughter Savannah with his wife Marguerite who is a photographer and film maker in her own right.

Simon has now given up on the idea of becoming an elephant, but has never given up on the idea of ensuring the survival of this and every other species that inhabits this planet.

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