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The Wildlife Trusts

Wherever you live, there is a Wildlife Trust near you, making sure that your immediate neighbourhood is as rich in Natural Wonders as possible. The fact that The Wildlife Trusts are all run on a local basis, with local people at the helm, means that they deal with the issues in a manner that is entirely relevant to your doorstep, Join up, join in and help put back something into the very thing that gives us all so much pleasure.

Simon is President Emeritus of the Wildlife Trusts, President of Avon Wildlife Trust and Patron of Somerset Wildlife Trust.


Tusk Trust

One of the most dynamic and efficiently run conservation charities I have ever come across. Tusk, as their name suggests, have been instrumental in helping the African elephant to recover after numbers were devastated due to poaching. They support Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and have recently established the Toki Trust, specifically developed to meet the costs of ensuring this wonderful cat, and others like him, have a positive future.

Simon is a patron of Tusk Trust.


David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

In 2008 I had the pleasure of contributing to a fundraising event for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Not only is David a superb artist who captures the essence of everything he paints, but his passion is evident in his tireless campaigning for endangered species.

Simon is an Honorary Vice President for the foundation.


The Woodland Trust

Trees are fab! Ever since I was a kid, being up them, around them, and surrounded by them has been an inspiration. They have fuelled my passion for the natural world and Iím not alone in thinking theyíre great, millions of other living things from bugs to birds and badgers feel the same way. The Woodlands Trust does a marvellous job of ensuring that our native woodland remains a jewel in the crown of our natural heritage.

Simon is an ambassador for The Woodland Trust.


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa has pioneered a style of conservation in East Africa which has proved to be both effective and sustainable. Run as a not for profit organisation, this privately owned reserve is one of the last places on earth where you can see Grevy’s zebra, black and white rhino all drifting across the same plains. I first encountered Lewa when I helped to rear Toki and Sambu two cheetah brothers who were orphaned further north and brought here with the hope they might be cared for. Iíve returned as often as possible ever since.

Simon is closely involved with Lewa via his film projects and is also on the appeals committee.



Secret World Wildlife Rescue

I have known Pauline Kidner, the powerhouse behind the Secret World, for many years. Her unfaltering determination to care for sick, injured or orphaned wild creatures has often pushed her, and her family, to the point of real personal hardship, but she never, never gives up. Her work with badgers has contributed enormously to the understanding of these enigmatic creatures, and her commitment to exposing the truth behind bovine TB / badger debate, has greatly influenced the course of events surrounding this thorny debate. Secret Wold is run as a charitable organisation.

Simon is a patron of Secret World Wildlife Rescue.


BirdLife International

Birdlife International works with more than 100 conservation organisations worldwide to prevent the extinction of threatened bird species. They do this by encouraging support from organisations or individuals best placed to protect them. At present there are 192 birds classified as Critically Endangered. A terrifying statistic, I’m sure youíll agree.

Simon is a BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme Supporter.


Ol Pejeta Conservancy

It is a testament to the progressive and far sighted policies of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy that, whilst dealing with the enormous challenges on a daily basis, it makes the time, resources and space available to one rather small, Big Cat. Home of Toki the cheetah.


Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust

I fell in love with Steep Holm Island whilst making a film about herring gulls there in 1986. I was captivated by the sense of wilderness and isolation on the island despite its position in the Bristol Channel overlooking major cities in both England and Wales. And the wildlife was thrilling too, from the huge gull colony to peregrine falcons and rare bird migrants dropping in, not to mention the muntjac deer! It is a huge honour to have been asked to become the new President of the Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust and I look forward enormously to revisiting the island and encouraging others to do so. Simon is President of the Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust that owns and manages Steep Holm Island in the Bristol Channel.


Marwell International Wildlife Art Society

If you are interested in wildlife art then take a look at Marwell International Art Society. Each year they hold a superb exhibition, keep an eye on their website for details.

Simon is a patron of Marwell International Wildlife Art Society.


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